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The Center for Shelley Studies


Creating Geographic Access

As part of ongoing efforts to sustain a thriving scholarly community focused on the study of Percy Shelley and late Romantic literature, and to specifically support the work of young scholars of Romanticism, TUPP has begun laying the groundwork to create a Center for Shelley Studies. The Center will build on the foundation of TUPP, taking advantage of geographical proximity to an array of important Shelley resources to give graduate students access to essential research materials. The Center would also bring these scholars into conversation with one another and foster a sense of shared purpose and endeavor. The Center could thus play a crucial role in supporting the next generation of scholars and ensuring the ongoing vitality of late Romantic studies.

Graduate students in Romanticism (in North America, particularly) often find themselves geographically isolated from one other, as well as from the major research materials essential to their progress. While high-quality digital materials are increasingly available online, digitization and creation of access is a gradual process still in its early stages. For the next few years, many materials will still only be accessible through in-person visits to the major collections in the UK and on the east coast of the US. If for some portion of their study, graduate students could be physically located together in a cohort near the research collections they need to use, their scholarship and the entirety of the field of Romantic studies would benefit greatly.