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TUPP Shelley Seminar Series


Established in 2014, each TUPP Shelley Seminar Series includes an exciting and diverse lineup of poets and scholars of Romanticism from institutions near and far. Weekly seminar meetings are structured in three parts: first, our visiting speaker delivers a talk of approximately 30-70 minutes in length on a topic related to Shelley and his Circle. Next, we have a question and answer session lasting 15-30 minutes.  Finally, after a short break, the group uses whatever time remains to engage in a collaborative close reading of a text selected either by that day’s speaker or the series organizers.

A unique aspect of the seminar series is the opportunity it affords for graduate students from different institutions to come together to study Romantic literature in a collaborative setting. Such opportunities are few and far between, and are generally confined to professional conferences. The Shelley Seminar Series, by contrast, offers a chance for graduate students to engage in an ongoing conversation with their colleagues, and form a meaningful, supportive cohort.

For our upcoming series, when we plan to add a weekly proseminar for our graduate student cohort. This proseminar will provide support in every aspect of the students’ professional development, from research and writing to pedagogy and the challenges of navigating the academic job market. We will help students to develop and reflect upon their research methods, and to build their knowledge of Romanticism-specific research holdings around the country and the world. We will also offer intensive training in philosophies of pedagogy and their specific application in the classroom, with the aim of helping students become more fluent and capable teachers. Proseminars begin two hours before the start of our Shelley Seminars, and last 80 minutes. 

We anticipate next running The TUPP Shelley Seminar Series from January 15th to April  2nd 2019, with specific dates, times and locations for these seminars announced  by November 1st, 2019.  A list of next year's speakers will then be made available around December 15th.


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