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The Prometheus Collaborative Digital Initiative

Creating Digital Access

TUPP is currently building an open-access digital humanities platform to effectively organize, store, and promote its burgeoning and evolving content. The Prometheus Collaborative Digital Initiative (PCDI) is a web platform that will serve both as a nexus linking external resources and a repository of TUPP’s own materials, including the hundreds of hours of video from the Shelley seminar series. The interface will permit users to annotate text and video documents, essentially creating a moderated, crowd-sourced, evolving repository of Shelley scholarship and research, and a model for other kinds of content area research as we become ready to integrate it. The PCDI will also include a forum in which educators and students can pose questions, make comments, and engage in debate. The PCDI will enable scholars to use new media to investigate our cultural heritage in new and powerful ways that facilitate innovative, interdisciplinary teaching and learning for the academic community, and for the global community it serves.